Letter from John (May 2014)

[from the May 2014 Floricane newsletter]

What is Floricane? If I had a dollar for every time I've been asked that question, I'd no longer be concerned about how to pay for my kids to go to college.

On the surface, how I'd answer that question today is not radically different than the answer I'd have given when the business launched in 2008. Our new website and collateral sum it up rather succinctly:

Floricane is an organizational change and strategic planning consultancy. A floricane is the fruit-bearing vine of a blackberry bush. At Floricane, we help individuals and organizations bear new fruit.

Beneath the surface, however, and you'll find that Floricane is a very different business in 2014. We have a strong team able to provide our clients with more collaborative services. We have more consistent processes to design, manage and deliver our work in ways that feel personal and unique to each client. And we're doing that work in new ways.

The new Floricane team is challenging ourselves to be smarter, better, more collaborative and more engaged. They're smart and energized.

As for me, I'm still playing catch up.

It has been interesting in recent months to redefine my role. More and more, our clients are experiencing and benefitting from the talent that Debra, Caroline, Theran, Anne and Shamoniki leverage on their behalf. And while I'm still actively engaged in every project (and actively leading a lot of work) it no longer feels like I have to keep my hand on every oar in order for the boat to move through water.

My coach would look at me and ask, "Isn't that fascinating?"

It is, quite honestly. Fascinating, and long overdue.

I'm a fan of evidence, and so I often look for examples of this progress I'm describing. And whether it's Theran successfully leading the first three months of our long-term engagement with VCU's Office of Development and Alumni Relations, or Debra's new coaching project with Diamond Healthcare Corporation, I see evidence. Walking downtown and chatting with Anne about her desire to shift from coaching back to her organizational change roots? Progress. Caroline's single-handedly managing our new website, six new client events, the hiring and on-boarding of a new employee and a new intern? Evidence.

Perhaps a better description of Floricane: a team of talented people making a difference for individuals and organizations throughout Virginia. I'm lucky to have them working with me.