Get to Know The Team: Theran!

To kick off 2015, we'll be featuring one member of the Floricane team on our blog each week, using a questionnaire that really asks the tough questions.

Today: Theran Fisher! One of our consultants, Theran (pronounced THAIR-in, if you didn't already know) joined the Floricane team in Spring 2013 and has been livening up the office with his great music selections and brightly colored pants ever since. Let's dive right in:

1. Do you want to rock n’ roll all night or party every day?
Party every day.

2. Which President would you most like to have a drink with, past or present?
Teddy Roosevelt

theran headshot

3. If you were not doing this job you’re doing now, what job would you be working?
Working my way around the world crewing sailboats.

4. Pie or Cake or Neither?

5. Do you have a favorite Sharpie color?
Neon Pink

6. Your favorite place for dinner?
The Blue Talon

9. Who are your favorite writers?
Edward Abbey

10. What is your motto?
Fake it ‘til you make it.

11. The natural talent that you’d like to be gifted with
The ability to fly.

13. What is your go-to book, relative to the work you do with Floricane, and why?
NOLS Leadership Educator Notebook

Want to chat with Theran, or question him on his apparent distaste for both cake and pie? Email him at