The Power of Positive Visibility

The Power of Positive Visibility Floricane

Good consultants spend a lot of time… well, consulting. But they also spend a fair bit of time developing relationships, and connecting with new faces.

The Floricane team is big on relationships. In fact, we think a large measure of our success is tied to the depth of the relationships we create with our clients.

As a team that tilts heavily introverted, however, we don’t generally jump up and down with joy when we’re gearing up for conferences or other big public events.

So, for me, it’s been refreshing to have had significant, and fun, opportunities to be out and about in new environments this fall. The environments have run the gamut – from two days of facilitation with a group of association CEO’s in Williamsburg to a major Greater Richmond Chamber meet-and-greet to a packed crowd at the Richmond Society of HR Managers strategic leadership conference. The next month gets even more varied – two full days with entrepreneurs and business owners under the umbrella of the Henrico Economic Development Authority, and a sit down conversation with the Richmond chapter of the International Coaching Federation.

Bumping elbows and making eye contact with hundreds of people is not a recipe for deep, meaningful relationships. But from each event, I walk away with personal connections to five or ten people. And time has shown that most of the connections continue and deepen over time.

The funny thing I’ve discovered? Whether I’m presenting, chatting with someone at the Floricane marketing booth, or connecting at a reception, I’m consulting. And that makes the networking much more meaningful.