Best Feedback Ever


We launched a new workshop series last month. Our $10 Toolkit workshops are designed to be a low cost, high value experience for anyone interested in learning a new skill quickly. For the low investment of one hour and ten dollars, participants are introduced to a simple management tool or concept. Our goal is to help people be more effective in their work.

Our first $10 Toolkit was focused on Situational Leadership – matching your management approach to the developmental level of your employee around each task. We had a half dozen participants.

Last week, I happened to run into one of those participants, a small business owner, on the street.

“Everything about the way I work with my employees has changed as a result of that workshop,” he said.

We didn’t have time to talk at length – he was busy running his business. But we didn’t need to. In one sentence, he told me everything I needed to know.

(Our next $10 Toolkit is focused on a tool designed to help you understand how we move through change – as individuals, and as teams and organizations. It’s not too late to join us.)