Getting the Advice that Matters in a New Business

As I've been preparing for next week's presentation to the local chapter of the American Marketing Association -- I'll be talking about the benefits of establishing an advisory board for your business -- I've been thinking moreand more about the role my own advisory board has played with Floricane.

The seven (my new marketing consultant just joined the original group of six) members of Floricane's advisory board have alternately helped me think out loud about my business, challenged me to focus, called me out on my commitment and encouraged my best thinking. Their support and questions and challenges and perspectives have been invaluable.

Next Tuesday morning, members of my advisory board will join me as I discuss how to establish and utilize an advisory board with a new business. In the room will be members of the American Marketing Association. Here's the skinny:

John will share his experiences of launching a new business during the recession and the value of establishing an advisory board of professionals who knew more about starting and operating a business than he did. After a few fits and starts, the Floricane Advisory Board did exactly what it was designed to do -- it kicked John's entrepreneurial butt up-and-down the street a few times and challenged him to get serious about his business.

The event is for AMA chapter members only; if you qualify, register here.