Create/Refine Your Personal Vision at the Visual Arts Center

I’ll be returning to the Visual Arts Center classroom in June for another full-day workshop that emphasizes creativity from another angle – from a foundation of personal values. “Climbing the Right Mountains: Creating Your Personal Vision” will be held on Saturday, June 26, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Below is the workshop description:

“Are you climbing every mountain? Are you even climbing the right mountains? Participants will chart out their own personal mountain ranges in a discussion centered on creating a creative life built around the things that matter most to you. Come prepared to explore how your personal values and beliefs about yourself, others and the world can provide focus and energy for your creative work.”

I test-piloted the program in February, and took a lot of notes for myself that should make the June session even more engaging, challenging and fun for participants. I can’t promise that this workshop can make anyone creative, but I’m sure that it will leave participants thinking differently about specific ways that they can draw lines to more intentionally connect who they are with what they do.

You can register for the workshop at the Visual Arts Center website.