New Work, New Business

In the course of building a business, there is no such thing as normal. Every week brings new clients, new challenges and new opportunities. The month of July was no exception – and it appears August will bring more of the same.

The two big pieces of Floricane news come in the form of work and partnerships.

Our newest clients include:

    * U-TURN Sports Performance Academy
    * The Podium Foundation
    * Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
    * The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar

We’re also excited to have a chance to work with the folks at the West Cary Group on a small project this month.

But it’s the glimmerings of an awesome team that gets us most excited this month. The beginnings of a great team have emerged recently – including marketing consultant Juliet Brown, project coordinator Cara McDaniels and fellow consultants Debra Saneda and Sarah Milston. Debra is partnering with us to deliver team and organizational effectiveness training, while Sarah will ride shotgun with all of our strategic planning clients.

In recent weeks, our team has provided Insights Discovery team development training to The James House; delivered a draft strategic plan to Children, Incorporated; and presented a high-level overview of stakeholder conversations for Historic Richmond Foundation’s own strategic planning process.

We’ve also facilitated a board discussion for The Podium Foundation; engaged the staff of The American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar in two days of strategic discussions; and done a bit of creative brainstorming with Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.

In the coming months, you’ll be hearing a lot about our sponsorship of the Richmond Symphony’s new initiative, The Music Paradigm. The Music Paradigm is an amazing approach to leadership awareness, coming to Richmond in March. I’ll be experiencing it in August with the Darden School at UVa.

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