Hold That Note: Experiencing The Music Paradigm

Early in 2011, The Richmond Symphony and Floricane will be bringing The Music Paradigm to Richmond. A convergence of music, self-awareness and leadership development, The Music Paradigm essentially seats a group of leaders and learners smack in the middle of a full orchestra for a powerful series of lessons on discipline, accountability, communication, awareness and leadership.

I spent an afternoon with The Music Paradigm and more than 50 students in UVa's Darden School of Business executive program to see – and experience – the program for myself. I'll let conductor (and instructor) Roger Nierenberg tell the rest with a few of the insightful observations he shared with the group at Darden:

Meaning [in an orchestra] is conveyed by sound, and people communicating without any words at all.

What are the behaviors? What are the skills that give these musicians this competitive advantage? While the rest of you were enjoying your childhood, we were locked away with our instruments, learning to be accountable – because you can't blame anyone else for the sounds that come from your own instrument.

These musicians are technical skill personified, but there is another set of skills they manifest – people skills.

I won't share much of what Nierenberg said or did – part of the energy of his session is the surprise and spontaneity. In the October issue of the Floricane newsletter, the symphony's Kathryn Pullam and I will sit down on video to talk about our unique experiences with The Music Paradigm.

The Music Paradigm will be in Richmond in March of 2011, courtesy of the Richmond Symphony and Floricane. Keep your eyes open for details this fall!