Team Huddle

Floricane had its first official team meeting last month.

The primary goal was to take some time to build relationships, but it is increasingly important for our clients that our team of strategic planning, project management and marketing gurus work off of the same sheet of music.

Even as we work ourselves out of work with great clients like Children, Incorporated, we are welcoming new clients to the mix. In recent weeks, we’ve started work with U-TURN Sports Perf ormance Academy, One South Realty and the 4,500 person organization known as the Greater Fulton community in Richmond’s East End. We’ve also launched a new workshop series designed to help organizations increase their employee engagement and effectiveness, and began a new partnership with the Richmond Symphony.

Each new opportunity is exciting news for a consulting firm launched in the early month’s of the deepest recession in our lifetime.

I can’t help but think that there is a correlation between Floricane’s emerging team and our business success:

    * Sarah Milston runs her own consulting firm – and chases after her daughter Lily James – when she’s not partnering with us on strategic planning work.

    * Juliet Brown works hard to keep our messaging strong, and to maximize our use of a host of marketing tools – from print to social media.

    * Cara McDaniel and Beth Coakley work as project coordinators for both one-time events and long-term strategic engagements.

    * HR consultant and coach Debra Saneda and planner/designer Peter Fraser also have their own businesses. Debra and I are developing a body of work together around organizational effectiveness, while Peter is the visionary (and artist) in the room with our visioning work in the Greater Fulton community.

Floricane began in November of 2008 when I left Luck Stone Corporation. As I look ahead to the second anniversary of the launch of the business, it’s gratifying to know that I am surrounded by a great team of friends, partners and clients.