Lights! Action! Leadership!

We’ve got exciting things planned for our clients, partners and friends throughout Central Virginia as we move toward 2011.

Want an example? Look no further than The Music Paradigm, an amazing presentation of The Richmond Symphony that Floricane is sponsoring. On March 22, several hundred musicians, businesspeople and community leaders will gather at CenterStage to learn lessons in organizational culture and leadership from conductor Roger Nierenberg.

What makes The Music Paradigm special is that participants are seated within the orchestra for the entire experience – as Nierenberg conducts, he periodically pauses for an in-the-moment, experiential teaching lesson.

The symphony’s assistant director for business development, Kathryn Pullam, and I both experienced The Music Paradigm this summer. Kathryn traveled to Capital One’s Falls Church office, while I lived the experience with the incoming executive class at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. We both left amazed.

Kathryn and I talk about our experiences, and The Music Paradigm, in this video produced by the talented Jerry Williams.