Returning to the Scene of the Valentine

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Nothing beats returning to the scene of the crime.

The management team at the Valentine Richmond History Center invited me back for a bit of a check-up in January. A year earlier, we had tied a bow on their

latest strategic plan and parted ways.

A lot has changed in a year.

The Valentine RHC has some new key staff, is making some major enhancements to their Sculpture Garden and has started to chip away at their ambitious plan; the management team meets several times a year with a strategic planning committee of their board to check on progress and talk about the future.

On the Floricane front – well, we actually know what we’re doing now. And we've learned a huge amount along the way, including during our six months with the Valentine RHC team. We’re fortunate to be able to fold those lessons into the work we’re doing right now.

Spending a few casual hours with the Valentine team discussing lessons learned, progress made and opportunities that still remain was a great use of my time. It’s the sort of conversation I hope to continue having with clients.