Making Maestros Out of Managers

The Music Paradigm

What can your organization learn from a symphony orchestra?

Find out this March, when the Richmond Symphony and Floricane present The Music Paradigm – a unique experiential seminar that uses an orchestra to demonstrate key concepts for a highly effective business team.

In this interactive program, the Richmond Symphony will serve as a metaphor for a dynamic organization. Participants are seated among the orchestra players as they explore concepts like teamwork, leadership and communication.

Kathryn Bishop Pullam, Assistant Director of Business Development with the Richmond Symphony, said her own experience with The Music Paradigm was memorable.

“I was amazed by the different elements of business that were used – what The Music Paradigm is able to illustrate with an orchestra is really cool, and quite inspiring,” she said.

According to Pullam, the Music Paradigm is an important tool which Richmond area businesses should take advantage of.

“Right now, many businesses are reevaluating themselves and trying new things. This seminar allows businesses to think creatively … it is the perfect bridge between the arts and the business world,” she said.

The Music Paradigm, created by Roger Nierenberg, has gained worldwide notoriety since its start in 1995. Nierenberg’s clients have included Capital One, Bank of America, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Pfizer.

The Music Paradigm will be held on March 22 at the Carpenter Theatre in Richmond, Virginia.

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