Getting To Sesame Street, And Beyond

Thea's Big Bird

Our opportunity to partner with the team at the Community Idea Stations (public television and radio in Central Virginia) began exactly as my young daughter would imagine – a meeting with Big Bird.

A small, stuffed Big Bird that now sleeps in Thea’s bed.

A closet filled with toys and the station’s physical location on Sesame Street aside, the Community Idea Stations has serious ideas about their future. A small team has been working internally on the organization’s first iteration of its strategic plan, and we’ve been invited to come in to facilitate a creative session with the staff and board to ensure that the plan is both as ambitious and as focused as possible – and that there are measurable outcomes in place.

Sarah Milston and I will work closely with the strategic planning team at the station to design a full-day session, and will then facilitate the organization through a process to effectively “land” their plan.

Thea’s hoping there will be an Oscar the Grouch in it for her.