Passion, Purpose, Giraffes…

From the start, it was clear that the Brown Bag lunch at the Pediatric Connections’ Manchester offices would not be a normal business sit-down. The colored markers and sketch pads were one indication. The plethora of colorful giraffes and artwork littering the bright, modern office space were another sign that business was unusual.

The company’s co-founder, Beth Bailey, brought it all home with her high-energy, effusive delivery. She kicked off the Greater Richmond Chamber lunch with a rapid-fire introduction to the business she founded in 1998 with Bruce Green.

“In 1998, the Pediatric Connection was born,” she said. “We had a small office in Crozier, Virginia, and it was so much fun because you just did everything – because that’s what you do when you are a start-up. And then we started adding people, and we were all in one room, and everyone knew everyone’s business.”

“When we started, we said there were no rules,” she continued. “When a patient called, we got them what they needed, no questions. We got our name out. It worked.”

Too well. Years of fast-paced, start-up growth were accompanied by several physical moves and all the ups-and-downs of running a new business, Bailey continued. But what held it together was simple – a committed staff, a helpful consultant and a willingness to try something different.

“Our staff is extremely important to us,” Bailey told the packed room. “Every day since 1998, we have worked to make life better for our staff.”

That included welcoming new perspectives.

“We worked with some consultants who said, ‘Hello, you need processes.’ So, we sat in a room and wrote processes for days,” Bailey continued. “The change that we rolled out in 2004 is what made us successful as a company – not just the process and role clarity, but the accountability. After that change, we were not only getting a lot of business, but we were able to handle the business we got.”

Bailey's comments were echoed in short order by the company's marketing manager, human resources manager, one of the two consultants who is now along for the ride as an employee, and by her co-founder, Green.

If anything, their comments mirrored her energy – and echoed her theme. The Pediatric Connection is about children first, staff second and passion all the time.

Today, the Pediatric Connection provides home health care services to children and their families throughout Virginia. More than 170 employees work at several organizations in Richmond and beyond, and the organization is passionate about creating the best working environment for each of them.

The commitment to people is built on a belief that climate and culture are the most important people drivers – a positive emphasis on the events, activities and relationships that shape employees’ perspectives, coupled with a set of shared beliefs and values that drive everyone’s actions.

At the end of the day, however, it really is about the children.

“We’re able to care for all of these families and keep these kids out of the hospital,” Bailey concluded.

The organization has been recognized by the Greater Richmond Chamber’s IMPACT Awards, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts’ Muse Awards and many other organizations for its creativity and business success.