Business Dating

The Floricane team recently sat down with a local public relations firm on a quasi blind date.

The goal was to learn if we liked each other and if our services were complimentary enough that we might recommend each other from time to time. It was all about introductions and how we gothere for the first part – then both teams got excited.

As I described our core services and the work we do for groups around town a funny thing happened.

I fell in love.

I have always known that my life’s work was nonprofits. But in those moments of describing our passionate belief that our services were making a big difference in the lives of people in our community I realized that this business where I have been hanging around for a year now – had stolen a piece of my heart.
There is a moment when you fall in love where you don’t exactly know it yet – you are describing this incredible person who has turned your life upside down to a friend and you see them realize it a moment or two before you. Because, love is a scary thing, right?
How about loving a business? Loving a business is about believing fully in the mission and vision and ideals, having great fun, and for me the extra necessary part – the belief that the work I was doing was changing the world.
After our business date, John Sarvay and I headed out to lunch with Chris, a friend of his. Chris had just found out that he was being appointed board president of a thriving and important local nonprofit. For an hour he spoke passionately about the nonprofit and we made suggestions and asked questions.  As he talked I realized, he too was in love. It was infectious – by the end of the lunch he had me convinced in supporting this organization.
It was a day packed full of energy. Both dates went well, and I expect more dates in the future. So my big lesson -- I believe in the work that I am doing with Floricane; I know that it is creating change in the community for the better. Consulting with people and organizations who are willing and daring enough to demand change is my life’s work. Change can happen in a public relations firm, a nonprofit, a credit union, or a major corporation – in fact, Floricane can help make that change possible.

It's my life's work, but I am not doing it alone.