Innovation Planning Showcases Unique Talent

i.e. kickoff event

With the clock ticking down on the June 23 i.e. innovation showcase event -- organized by the Greater Richmond Chamber and a dozen other organizations, including Floricane -- it was fascinating to gather with most of the 30+ presenters and organizers this week on the top floor of Prophet's Richmond offices in Shockoe Slip.

Facinating for lots of reasons -- seeing everyone in the same place, hearing the stories and (ta king a cue from Floricane's marketing guru) checking out the shoes.

i.e. kickoff

Juliet's right. Shoes do offer a glimpse into the personality and diversity of the room.

i.e. kickoff

The Monday night huddle was a chance for all of the presenters -- or provocateurs, as i.e. frames them -- to meet, and better understand how they will engage more than 200 people in a three-floor warehouse space next Thursday, June 23. Over the course of the event, participants and provocateurs alike will be encouraged to connect -- the dots, the stories, the relationships -- and to create -- ideas, connections, next steps.

i.e. kickoff

The i.e. website continues to trickle out snapshots of the provocateur speakers. Names revealed this week include Scoot's Chelsea Lahmers with her demand to "quit sucking!" and writer Anoa Monsho.

Organizers see the June 23 event as the launch -- the Chamber and other project partners have committee to a three-year engagement to identify, encourage and celebrate creativity and innovation around the Richmond Region.

You can check out the details at the i.e. website.