Letter from John: October 2011

Last month, our team gathered around a table with the creative wordsmiths from Zuula Consulting. We've known Deanna and Meghan for several years, and were excited to engage their talents as we to develop a shared language around our business, our community and the work that we do.

We started with music. Seriously. The Zuula team asked each of us ahead of time to identify a song that represented our company, and out popped the very eclectic mix of U2's "Elevation"; the iconic "We Are the World" from the 1985 USA for Africa effort; and the peppy but political "Dream Machine" by Mark Farina. Can you see a common thread in the three songs? We did.

We migrated from music to explore some deeper concepts: emotion, connection and transformation. We explored what we collectively imagined Floricane to be at its best. In short order, a real sense of shared perspective began to emerge in the room.

A few discoveries (or rediscoveries) from our time with Zuula:

  • We bring meaningful connections, a relevant process, fresh perspective and the freedom to dream to our engagements. 
  • Our biggest competitor? Surprise. Our own egos, and that difficult tension between hubris and self-doubt. 
  • A gift we bring? Intentional space that can create a shift for individuals and teams. Opening windows of possibility, provides our clients a glimpse of a different future. 
  • Our aspiration: To help our clients dream, leap and change - and by doing so, change our community, and the world.

It was refreshing to hit the pause button during what turned out to be our busiest month of the year, and to allow someone else to do the facilitating. Our brief time with Zuula opened new windows of possibility for our team, and we think you'll be excited by some of what's already drifting from the room.