Reshaping Culture, by the Book

We’re well into a multi-month organizational effort with the Library of Virginia, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re all learning as we go! Debra Saneda and I have been working side-by-side with the Library for more than a year now on a major organizational change, which included the development of a new vision for the state library and archive:

The Library of Virginia will inspire learning, ignite imagination, create possibilities, encourage understanding, and engage Virginia's past to empower its future.

During recent months, we’ve been working closely with 35 leaders and key “influencers” at all levels of the Library to increase the organization’s capacity to “live into” a very ambitious vision. In addition to using the Insights Discovery® self-awareness instrument to help the group better understand the organizational culture, we’ve worked through the very real impact leadership can have not only climate but also on organizational results. Debra has also been providing individual leadership coaching for a portion of the group.

As organizations like the Library continue to refocus their energies to embrace new technologies, changing demographics and creative ways of achieving their mission, it is increasingly important to ensure key individuals within the organization understand their ability to influence and lead. We’re excited to work with agencies like the Library as they retool for a new century of collecting, archiving, learning and inspiring.