Teaching Nonprofits to Fundraise

I really enjoy speaking engagements and teaching. When Urmila Oberoi, Development Director at Virginia Poverty Law Center and a client of ours, asked that I give a presentation on Fundraising for Legal Aids across Virginia, I jumped at the chance. The Annual conference hosted by VPLC is offeredfree for legal aid attorneys and serves as their primary educational event for the year.

During introductions I learned that we had a moderately experienced fundraiser in the room but everyone else had only the very basic fundraising program in place. So I focused my talk on the basics – Asking, Thanking, Staffing, Evaluating.

I told the group that when setting up a development office it is important to focus not on events or grants but on individual fundraising. It is the most economical way to raise money. If you believe in your mission, just ask someone to fall in love with it too – they will want to give money.

At the end of the day, nonprofits must not let any opportunities to authentically and genuinely ask for money go by uncaptured.  Even more important, they must say thank you, more than once and in more than one way.  If nonprofits ask and thank – they are guaranteed to raise money. 

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