“Values Based Leadership” Pinpoints Core Values

As the newest member of Floricane I am still wrapping my head around the culture of the business. From the intriguing jargon of the InSights program to the oft mentioned planto change the world, it is a true deviation from any company for which I've worked. It's a process to adjust to such a different environment, and sometimes I'm not sure I'm gettin' it. Yet, more and more I am sipping the Koolaid and finding it pretty undeniable. Last night at my first Hype Ed event I had my first opportunity to not only sip, but to really gulp down that sweet fruit flavor, and I must admit, the sugar rush was intense!

In his energetic talk entitled, "Values Based Leadership," Tom Epperson (no relation) encouraged a room full of mostly strangers to ask that most basic and meaningful question: Who am I? It was as uncomfortable as it was exciting. The mere proposal of such an inquiry is, for most of us, something left for the solitude of sun wreathed mountain tops or long drives in the company of John Mayer. Yet, with full exuberance, Tom brought us together with this most challenging question.

His approach was to focus on what we defined as our core values. Not the values we show off at dinner parties or impress our in-laws with, but those basic this-is-who-I-am bed rock aspects of ourselves that make us individuals. With practiced vulnerability Tom detailed his own experience in discovering his core values. From his perception of himself as the relaxed surfer dude to the realization he was more of an A-type educator, Tom brought us into his world of self-discovery. Here was the thing John was always talking about: values discovery, creatively facilitated. As Tom's wife, Susan Epperson, illustrated a visual representation of the talk, we were encouraged to share our values with those around us. It was fun, a bit unnerving, and an eye opening experience.

The goal for Tom was to inspire us to use our core values to guide our work, and be leaders for others to do the same. As part of Luck Companies, as I read in his handout, Tom's goal was to ignite our potential, and as I watched the line of folks wishing to thank him after the talk, I imagine he ignited quite a few of us.

This values based thing is something that led me to Floricane, and it's the juice they got runnin' through the pipes at the office. The message is challengingly simple: Figure out what you feel is important, and let it guide everything you do. What Tom made clear was that with the right process we can all reach that place of fulfillment.

As I adjust to Florican'es values-based culture, I see myself wanting to spark the potentials of others everywhere I turn. I want to fill my days with that message, and do work that will inspire people, businesses, and the world.

The Koolaid is tasting better everyday, and I think I'll have another glass.