Richmond Magazine Previews Floricane’s RIC/RVA Series

Richmond Magazine's historically savvy editor, Harry Kollatz Jr., spends some virtual ink putting a comprehensive spin on the new "RIC/RVA: 400 Years of Revolution, Innovation and Change" series that Floricane is launching tomorrow with the American Civil War Center at Historic Tredegar, i.e.*, the Library of Virginia, Peter Fraser and the Valentine Richmond History Center. The first free event in the four-part series is SOLD OUT but the whole run promises to be a real blast for participants. Here's how Harry sets the piece up:

The name of the four-week program helmed by John Sarvay and his Floricane consulting group possesses an epic sweep — RIC/RVA: 400 Years of Revolution, Innovation & Change — like a book with an accompanying documentary on DVD. And that's probably fitting, as this aims to be a public re-understanding of What Richmond Is and Why.

“The purpose is to say, ‘Let’s do something that tilts our narrative a little so that it isn’t wholly fixated on four years in the 1860s,' " Sarvay says. "Other fascinating parts of the fabric have lain fallow because of our preoccupation with that period. And we’ll have fun doing it, and take that content and create something along the way.”

Go devour the entire story at Richmond Magazine.