Pigs Fly and Big Idea Challenge Mayhem

What if we followed the same old formula to kick off an event?

What if we didn't?

On March 15th, the Big Idea Challenge leapt out of the realm of the conceptual with panache and smacked straight into the expanse of the visceral.   Happy-hour-hunt-beckoned, our beloved early adopters, our first and favorite evangelists, arrived en masse at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and were:


'C' is not for cookie. 'C' is for 'LOOKOUT. I'm going to cream the competish.'.



Ravenchase Adventures beguiled partygoers with promises of fabulously tacky prizes and big brain bragging rights.

and rewarded.

A golden flying pig. Because every home needs one.

Oh, VMFA, how we wish we could come and play like that more often.

What's that? You missed all of the fun? It's not too late! Follow this link to the Big Idea Challenge, grab your friends and help support one of RVA's great treasures:  The Community Idea Stations.