RIC/RVA: Capture YOUR RVA on Video

We need YOUR help to continue telling the new story of Richmond, VA!

Where We've Been

The RIC/RVA History series has been a huge success so far. For the last six weeks we've been encouraging participants to tell a new story of Richmond. In the first session, we designed posters to communicate a message that represented where we're going, and where we've been. In the second session, we re-mapped Richmond to encourage stronger geographical ties. In our third session, we brainstormed how we could tell the story of Richmond through video, making it personalized and meaningful. Now, we're taking a bold step forward, and actually telling that story.

Where We're Going

We want you to tell us your story! For our fourth and final session we want to have a screening of stories told by Richmond residents. We want YOU to record a short video about your story in Richmond. Be it a tour of RVA alleys, views from your favorite roof tops, a slice of the Richmond quiet life, or a snapshot of a night out, we want to see it!

The Details for Your Video

Length: Up to 2 minutes running time

Format: Use anything you want -- iPhone, Droid, handheld, etc. However, if using a mobile device shoot your video in the "landscape" or horizontal orientation.

Where to Send It: Post your video to either YouTube or Vimeo with RIC/RVA somewhere in the title. Then send the link to josh@floricane.com

Content: Anything you want! We just want to hear your story or even the one you just want to tell. Imagine the future of RVA, revisit the past, or celebrate the present! We only ask that you watch the language, and steer away from full frontal.

Due Date: Submit your short by Thursday April 19th, 11:59pmSaturday April 21st, 11:59 am. The deadline has been EXTENDED!

Help us make the last event a huge success!