Dr. Strengths and Dr. Weaknesses Or How I Experienced Self-Discovery and Fell in Love with Insights

Going into my first Insights Self-Discovery workshop earlier this week, I wasn't too sure what to expect.Having completed the online evaluator, I felt uneasy about what my Personal Profile would tell me. I felt that my answers were inconsistent and struggled to find a pattern as I was completing the online evaluation. But I kept going and was as honest as I possibly could be in my answers.

I'm 21 years old--so learning how I work with othe rs is still something I'm trying to figure out, among other things!

Sat in a room of about 8 others, my Floricane colleagues Debra, John and Tina began giving me and the other participants some background information about Insights. How they feel that this self-discovery tool is the most effective, the most engaging and the most accurate. John struck a chord when he mentioned the core of Insights Self-Discovery: the wheel. Rather than boxing you into one category or one definition of a type of personality or learning style, Insights appreciated the uniqueness of all of us...everyone embodies each of the four colors! We're all comprised of bits of Fiery Red, Cool Blue, Earth Green and of course, my dominate color, Sunshine Yellow.

After a series of eye-opening and mind-boggling perception exercises, Tina came around with our 32 page Personal Profiles. I watched and heard as myself as well as those seated around me began devouring their profiles. The general chatter was the shock in how accurate their profiles were. It seemed that a lot of the revelations were unexpected initially. However, as we all discussed and dissected our profiles, we learned that most of the information was that of a powerful reaffirming nature. That was something that was really resonated with me. Insights helped to reassure, reaffirm and soothe me and my fellow participants in who we are, how we communicate and how that not only affects our work and professional lives but also our home life. (Many jokes were made about directly handing the 32 page Personal Profiles to your spouse--for effective communication!)

Towards the end of day, a participant from my table asked John and Debra if people who took the Insights evaluation twice at "different stages" in their life ever came up with different results. John and Debra said that while most people make leaps and bounds and adaptions, for the most part people remain true to what that were when they first completed Insights. Talk about a reaffirmation!