Join Our Summer of Self-Discovery

In just a week, we’re giving the Dog Days of August a face-lift with our enervating new self-discovery series using our favorite self-awareness tool, Insights Discovery®.

Our Summer of Self-Discovery series is built around three sessions designed to build a real foundation of learning in three key areas – how we can manage our own development, how we can contribute to the effectiveness of our teams, and how we can leverage our leadership capacity at work. Participants must have an Insights Discovery personal profile (and can sign up to complete one online during the registration process for the series). You can register online here.

Floricane has used Insights with dozens of organizations, and our team has facilitated well over 3,000 participants through the self-awareness profile.

The sessions will be held the evenings of August 2, 9 and 16; each workshop will start promptly at 6:00 p.m. Facilitated by Debra Saneda, Jim Johns and John Sarvay, the sessions will last about two hours and will be held at the spacious community room on the first floor of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The focus and outcomes of each session are unique, but the expectation is that participants will have a highly interactive experience and leave with a deeper understanding of specific ways they can increase their effectiveness across three developmental areas – self, team and leadership effectiveness.

Find out more about the workshops, or about Insights Discovery, at our website – or register for one or more of the sessions now.

Don’t forget that you’ll need an Insights Discovery personal profile/assessment to participate!