It's time to take your self-awareness to the next level

Thousands of people across the Richmond region have used Insights Discovery to explore the world of self-awareness and personal effectiveness. Many of them wonder, what’s next after unpacking the Insights personal profile?

We have an answer. It’s called Insights Explorations.

Insights Explorations sessions build off of your Insights personal profile and give you the concrete tools and ideas you need to extend your personal effectiveness journey. Join us for one or more of the three Insights Explorations workshops happening at Floricane in 2018, or we can help you identify particular sessions to bring in to your organization.

Insights explorations topics

Register for one or more of the three workshops happening at Floricane in 2018:

January 25: Your Management Style May 24: Your Style Under Stress October 25: Your Opposite Insights Type

Floricane can also conduct private sessions for your staff from any of the eight Insights® Explorations topics listed below.

Email Kathy@Floricane to learn more.

An Insights® profile is required for these sessions. Don't have a profile? Contact us!

Understanding Your Blind Spots

We all have blind spots and we can all benefit from understanding what they are and working on them. This session will increase awareness of your blind spots and help you improve your performance through consciously working on your blind spots.

Understanding Learning Styles

While we may prefer a particular approach to learning, we each have the capacity to learn in different ways. We'll explore how to make your learning more "sticky." And we'll share a bit of science -- and the world of neuroplasticity.

Opposites Attract

The Opposite Type that is described in your Insights profile should not be thought of as a difficult person. This session will deepen your understanding of the Opposite Type, and help you improve your relationship with and remove tensions with your Opposite Type.

Building on Strengths

In order to know yourself, you must understand your strengths and how they may be linked to your weaknesses. This session will help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your personality preferences, explore the development potential of the less conscious aspects of your personality, and create an action plan to build on your qualities. 


Understanding the Insights® Wheel and the 8 Types

Go beyond the introduction to Insights, and lay the foundation for extending your personal effectiveness journey. In this session, we will review and deepen your understanding of the Insights model.

Creating a Personal Vision

Having a personal vision allows you to effectively direct your energy, and is an important prerequisite to setting goals. This session deepens your understanding of the value of a personal vision and helps you create your own.

Insightful Goals

Setting goals helps you stay on track. This session helps you develop goals to bring your vision to reality, and to better understand how we create our own roadblocks.

Defining Personal Values

Most of us never stop to articulate our values, but we all have them and they are uniquely ours. Understanding your own values is key to personal growth and effectiveness. This session will help you become more aware of and define your values, understand how your values influence your behavior, and evaluate how your work and life align with your values.