A Team of Dreamers and Doers

At Floricane, we do a large amount of work with a very small team of smart, focused and committed people. Get to know us a little better (more coming soon, including our part time folks).

 Full time team, from top left: Serena Fulton, Debra Saneda, Kathy Greenier, Audrey Hansen, Holly Gordon, John Sarvay

Full time team, from top left: Serena Fulton, Debra Saneda, Kathy Greenier, Audrey Hansen, Holly Gordon, John Sarvay


John is Floricane’s blue sky thinker – challenging both clients and our own team to make big ideas better and good ideas bigger. He displays a unique ability to weave together seemingly disparate ideas to help groups of people see their challenges in new ways.

John has more than two decades of experience in leadership and team development, facilitation and strategic planning and communications. He has worked in academia and for Fortune 500 corporations. He founded Floricane in 2008 after a decade of leadership development, facilitation and strategic communication work for Richmond-based Luck Companies.

John is a profound storyteller and likes to work with clients to draw out their unique narratives. He and his wife spend their spare time chasing their tween and toddler around their Northside neighborhood – and the rest of Richmond.

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Debra is the calm counselor on our team, a certified coach who has spent several decades helping shape organizational culture and individual leaders through the prism of human resources management. When Floricane engages clients around people issues, Debra is at the table demonstrating her ability to listen deeply and to help small teams better understand their dynamics and their best opportunities to grow. She challenges clients to hold true to their goals with purpose and accountability.

Our clients describe Debra as supportive, relational and steady, and say she readily pushes them when they need it – usually to a new edge of awareness. Using the latest proven methods for understanding and changing human behavior, Debra incorporates emotional intelligence, mindfulness and neuroscience when working with clients.

Debra couples experiential training with 10+ years of real world coaching in organizations. As a Human Resource professional, she has worked in the people development realm for over 20 years in a variety of companies. Her experience includes non-profits, large publicly held and small privately held companies. She has worked in retail, construction materials, cable television and advertising.

After many years of living in the city, she now makes a home in Chesterfield, with her husband and two teenage sons. The family enjoys weekends at their rivah place, when soccer and Steeler football are not on the agenda.

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Kathy Greenier


Kathy is a recovering J.D. and in past lives she's been a teacher, lobbyist, community organizer, project manager, policy analyst, and communications specialist, to name a few. Kathy is Floricane's personal and team effectiveness consultant, and she is passionate about facilitating, connecting and developing people and building community. She thrives on building new programs and new networks from the ground up and helping people develop skills and achieve their dreams. 

Kathy lives in and loves Church Hill. She closely tracks and tries every new development in the Richmond restaurant scene. Her favorite meal is brunch -- she previously wrote a weekly brunch review blog. Kathy is a cat lady without actually owning cats, and she loves travel.

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