Our FIFTH wave of the leadership circle starts IN SEPTEMBER

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The most valuable thing I’ve received is a changed perspective.
— Heidi LaGreca, Manager at Punch


Leaders helping leaders

We're in our fourth year of the Leadership Circle, a facilitated monthly dialogue between mid-career and senior level leaders about issues affecting their leadership effectiveness. Based on feedback from more than two dozen past participants, we've added some additional heft to the program.

When we launch our next Leadership Circle offering in September, participants can expect an environment that is both supportive and challenging, reflective and instructional.

  • Six monthly, two-hour sessions from September through January

  • A maximum of 10 leaders per Circle

  • Each session kicks off with a leadership topic (such as Emotional and Positive Intelligence, The Brain and Neuroplasticity, Personality Styles and Stress)

  • Participants will receive a 22-page Insights® Discovery personality style assessment

  • Reflection, journaling, books, white papers and other resources will be incorporated to support the group's learning experience


What is the Leadership Circle? 

The Leadership Circle is a facilitated learning and discovery space for mid-career and senior leaders -- experienced leaders who currently have a high level of influence in their organizations. Guided by Floricane's leadership coach, Debra Saneda, participants meet monthly to explore a current topic in leadership, and to process through their own opportunities and challenges as leaders -- together. It is not a leadership development course for emerging leaders.


           Floricane Headquarters
           @ Richmond Times-Dispatch Building
           300 East Franklin St., Richmond, VA 23219

           Free parking!


          Non-profit: $499 per person
          For-profit: $599 per person

Fall 2017 Dates:

Based on demand, a second Leadership Circle may be formed.

  • September 15
  • September 29
  • October 13
  • November 3
  • December 1
  • January 5

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Past Perspectives

What did the Leadership Circle offer our some of our past participants? Take a look...

“…an opportunity to step away from the daily tasks of leadership and meet with others who are similarly engaged to promote an exchange of ideas, reflection, and healthy balance in the lives of participants.”

-Amy Strite, Executive Director, Family Lifeline

“Carved out time to focus on me and my leadership - realizing my past successes don’t necessarily meet today’s challenges.”

-Kevin Bruny, Chief Learning Officer, Chesterfield County

"Being with and learning from other leaders was the most valuable part for me. Each session provided me with accountability for what I said I would do /work on - definitely made me keep it more top of mind"

- Stephanie Davidson, Director of Talent Strategy and Development, Bon Secour Health System


“…has helped me live into a larger version of myself.”  

-Dean Whitbeck, Richmond-based arts education leader