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Coworking and $10 Toolkit: Learning Styles (How We Really Learn)

The idea is simple.  You want to learn new skills, but your time is valuable – and you don’t want to spend $1,000 for a full day of PowerPoint presentations that fill your brain with white noise. Enter our $10 Toolkit. One hour of your time, and ten dollars of your money, get you one hour of content – a focused bit of learning on topics critical for your professional development.

After you hone your skills, use our coworking space with us the rest of the day. We’ll provide coffee and doughnuts in the morning, and pizza for lunch.

May's Toolkit, Learning Styles (How We Really learn), is from 8:30AM – 9:30AM.

While we may prefer a particular approach to learning, we each have the capacity to learn in different ways. We'll explore how to make your learning more "sticky," and share a bit of science and the world of neuroplasticity.

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